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Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Recruitment

Unlock a pool of exceptional talent that aligns with your company's needs and aspirations. Our dedicated team of recruitment specialists utilizes a strategic approach to identify and attract highly qualified candidates who have the skills, experience, and cultural fit that your organization desires. Through our extensive network and proactive sourcing methods, we'll connect you with top professionals who can drive your business forward.

Candidate Screening

Save time and ensure quality by relying on our rigorous candidate screening process. We meticulously assess each candidate's qualifications, experience, and potential fit within your organization. Our comprehensive screening methods include in-depth interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks, enabling you to make informed decisions about the candidates who will proceed to the next stages of the hiring process. Count on us to deliver a curated selection of top-notch candidates who meet your specific requirements.

Candidate Coordination

Streamline the hiring process with our seamless candidate coordination services. Our team will handle all logistical aspects, such as scheduling interviews, coordinating communication between candidates and hiring managers, and ensuring a smooth and professional experience for all parties involved. With our efficient coordination, you can focus on evaluating candidates and making confident decisions, knowing that the logistics are being managed with precision.

Candidate Selection

Choose from a highly qualified pool of candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also align with your company's values and culture. Our expert recruiters employ a meticulous selection process that goes beyond qualifications, considering factors such as personality fit and potential for long-term success within your organization. By partnering with Int-recruit, you'll have the confidence to select candidates who will contribute to your team's growth and drive your company's success.

Recruitment Marketing

Lead generation

At Int-Recruit, we combine our expertise in recruitment and digital marketing to provide comprehensive lead generation solutions for our clients. By leveraging effective job advertising, social media strategies, search engine optimization, PPC advertising, and email marketing, we help businesses attract and engage top talent.

Lead Generation with Effective Job Advertising

We employ targeted job advertising strategies to ensure your job postings reach the right candidates. By leveraging various platforms and technologies, we optimize your job advertisements to attract qualified individuals who are actively seeking opportunities in your industry.

Leveraging Social Media for Talent Acquisition

We harness the power of social media platforms to expand your reach and connect with potential candidates. Our team develops targeted social media recruitment strategies that leverage platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with passive and active job seekers. Through compelling content, targeted ads, and strategic networking, we help you attract top talent.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Talent Acquisition

We optimize your careers page and job listings for search engines to increase their visibility and attract organic traffic. Through careful keyword research, strategic placement of keywords, and optimization of meta tags, we enhance the search engine rankings of your job postings. This ensures that potential candidates can easily find your opportunities when searching online.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for Talent Acquisition

Our PPC advertising campaigns are designed to deliver immediate results. By utilizing platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media advertising, we create highly targeted campaigns that reach candidates who are actively searching for relevant keywords and job opportunities. This allows you to attract qualified leads and drive applications quickly.

Email Marketing for Candidate Engagement and Nurturing

Email marketing allows us to nurture candidate relationships by providing them with engaging and informative content. We develop email campaigns that deliver relevant industry insights, career tips, and company updates. By staying connected with potential candidates, we keep your company top of mind and establish a strong rapport, increasing the likelihood of successful hires.

Lead qualifying

Effective lead qualifying is the key to optimizing your recruitment efforts and increasing your chances of hiring the right candidates. With Int-Recruit's expertise in lead qualifying techniques and technologies, you can confidently focus your time and resources on the most qualified leads, improving your overall recruitment efficiency and success rates.

Defining Ideal Candidate Profiles

To effectively qualify leads, it's essential to define your ideal candidate profiles. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, job descriptions, and desired skill sets. By establishing clear criteria for the ideal candidate, we can efficiently evaluate and compare leads based on their qualifications, experience, and cultural fit.

Lead Scoring and Ranking

Lead scoring is a systematic approach to evaluating leads based on predetermined criteria. We develop a lead scoring model tailored to your organization, assigning scores to leads based on factors such as experience, skills, education, and engagement level. This allows us to prioritize and focus on leads with the highest potential, ensuring your recruitment efforts are targeted and efficient.

Qualification Questionnaires and Surveys

We utilize qualification questionnaires and surveys to gather additional information from leads. These tools help us assess candidates' suitability and compatibility with your organization, their motivations, and their career goals. By asking targeted questions, we gain valuable insights that assist in the lead qualifying process and enable us to make informed decisions.

Screening and Pre-Assessment

Screening and pre-assessment are critical steps in lead qualifying. We employ various methods, such as resume screening, phone interviews, and skill assessments, to evaluate candidates' qualifications, experience, and competency. Through this thorough evaluation process, we ensure that only the most qualified candidates proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process, saving you time and resources.

Behavioral and Cultural Fit Evaluation

Beyond qualifications and skills, it's important to assess candidates' behavioral and cultural fit with your organization. We employ behavioral interview techniques and cultural fit assessments to gauge candidates' alignment with your company values, work environment, and team dynamics. By considering these factors, we help you identify candidates who are not only qualified but also likely to thrive within your organization.

Collaboration and Feedback

We value collaboration and ongoing communication with our clients throughout the lead qualifying process. We regularly provide updates and share feedback on the progress of lead qualification, ensuring transparency and alignment with your recruitment goals. Your input and insights are invaluable in fine-tuning the qualification criteria and continuously improving the lead qualifying process.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting are essential tools for optimizing your recruitment strategy and achieving success. With Int-Recruit's expertise in data analysis, you can leverage actionable insights to refine your processes, enhance candidate experiences, and make informed decisions that drive recruitment efficiency and effectiveness.

Data Collection and Tracking

We implement robust data collection and tracking systems to gather relevant recruitment data from various sources. By leveraging tools such as Google Analytics, applicant tracking systems, and custom data tracking solutions, we capture and consolidate key recruitment metrics, including website traffic, candidate engagement, application rates, and source effectiveness.

Recruitment Performance Metrics

We analyze and present a comprehensive set of recruitment performance metrics tailored to your specific needs. These metrics may include applicant conversion rates, time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, quality of hire, and diversity metrics. Our in-depth analysis helps you assess the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts and identify areas that require attention and improvement.

Candidate Journey Analysis

Understanding the candidate journey is vital for optimizing the recruitment process. We track and analyze the various touchpoints candidates have with your organization, from initial awareness to application and eventual hiring. This analysis provides insights into candidate behavior, preferences, and pain points, allowing you to enhance the candidate experience and increase conversion rates.

Source Attribution and ROI Analysis

We employ advanced techniques to attribute the sources that drive qualified candidates to your organization. By tracking and analyzing the performance of different recruitment channels, including job boards, social media, referrals, and direct sourcing, we determine the most effective sources for attracting and converting high-quality candidates. This information helps you allocate resources wisely and optimize your return on investment (ROI).

Recruitment Funnel Analysis

Our recruitment funnel analysis provides a visual representation of the candidate journey at each stage of the recruitment process. By examining the conversion rates and drop-off points at each stage, we identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. This analysis enables you to streamline your recruitment process, reduce time-to-hire, and increase overall efficiency.

Customized Reporting and Dashboards

We provide customized reporting and interactive dashboards that present your recruitment data in a clear and actionable format. These reports and dashboards can be tailored to your specific requirements, providing you with real-time insights into key metrics, trends, and performance indicators. With intuitive visualizations and drill-down capabilities, you can easily identify patterns, spot opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

Through predictive analytics, we leverage historical recruitment data to forecast future trends and outcomes. By analyzing patterns and using advanced modeling techniques, we can help you anticipate candidate availability, hiring needs, and potential challenges. This proactive approach enables you to plan and allocate resources effectively, ensuring a steady pipeline of qualified candidates.

Strategy and Optimisation

Comprehensive Recruitment Assessment

We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current recruitment practices. This includes evaluating your sourcing channels, candidate experience, employer branding, recruitment technology, and overall recruitment effectiveness. This assessment provides a clear understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Target Candidate Identification

We work closely with you to identify the ideal candidate profiles for your organization. Through a combination of market research, competitor analysis, and collaboration with hiring managers, we define the skills, qualifications, and attributes required for each role. This targeted approach ensures that your recruitment efforts are focused on attracting the right candidates.

Employer Branding Enhancement

A strong employer brand is crucial for attracting top talent. We assist you in enhancing your employer brand by developing compelling messaging, creating engaging content, and leveraging the right channels to promote your organization as an employer of choice. Our goal is to differentiate your brand and create a positive perception among potential candidates.

Sourcing and Talent Pool Expansion

We utilize a multi-channel approach to sourcing candidates, including job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and our extensive talent pool. Our expertise in candidate sourcing and talent acquisition strategies ensures that you have access to a diverse pool of qualified candidates who align with your specific requirements.

Streamlined Selection Processes

Efficient selection processes are crucial for attracting and securing top talent. We optimize your selection processes by implementing technology-driven solutions, such as applicant tracking systems, video interviews, and skills assessments. By streamlining your processes, we reduce time-to-hire and enhance the candidate experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We believe in the power of data to drive informed decision making. We leverage recruitment analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts. By analyzing data on sourcing channels, conversion rates, time-to-fill, and quality of hire, we provide actionable insights to optimize your recruitment strategy.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

Recruitment is an ever-evolving field, and staying ahead requires continuous improvement and adaptation. We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy and make necessary adjustments based on market trends, candidate feedback, and changing business needs. Our goal is to ensure that your recruitment processes remain agile and effective.

Employer Branding

In today's competitive talent landscape, a strong employer brand is paramount to attracting and retaining top-notch professionals. At Int-recruit, we specialize in helping businesses build a compelling employer brand that resonates with the right talent and sets you apart from the competition.

Our employer branding experts work closely with your organization to develop a unique value proposition that showcases your company's culture, values, and opportunities for growth. We craft an authentic brand story that communicates your employer brand across various channels, including your career website, social media platforms, and job advertisements.

Through targeted employer branding campaigns, we reach and engage with the talent you seek. We employ strategic messaging, captivating visuals, and interactive content to create an emotional connection and leave a lasting impression on potential candidates.

Reach Your Audience

In today's competitive job market, reaching the right talent is crucial for your business's success. Our employer branding services help you connect with your target audience effectively. We utilize targeted marketing strategies, extensive industry networks, and cutting-edge digital tools to ensure your job openings and company culture reach a wide pool of potential candidates. By maximizing your reach, we increase your chances of attracting top talent and finding the perfect fit for your organization.

Create Relevant Content

Creating compelling and relevant content is key to establishing your employer brand as an industry leader and attracting top talent. Our team of expert content creators will work closely with you to develop engaging and informative content that showcases your company's values, culture, and career opportunities. From captivating job descriptions to captivating blog posts and social media campaigns, we tailor the content to resonate with your target audience. By providing valuable insights and highlighting your unique employer brand, we help you stand out and capture the attention of top-tier candidates.

Engange With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is essential for building strong relationships and nurturing a positive employer brand. Our engagement strategies focus on fostering meaningful interactions with potential candidates, current employees, and industry professionals. We leverage social media platforms, online forums, and networking events to initiate conversations, answer queries, and share relevant updates. By actively engaging with your audience, we create a sense of community, boost brand loyalty, and enhance your reputation as an employer of choice. This genuine connection helps attract and retain top talent who resonate with your company's values and mission.


Transitioning to a new career can be overwhelming, but Int-recruit's outplacement services are here to provide the guidance and support you need to make a successful leap. Our team of dedicated career coaches understands that change can be challenging, and we are committed to helping you navigate this journey with confidence.

Through personalized coaching sessions, we'll help you assess your skills, explore new career paths, and develop a compelling personal brand. Our extensive network of industry connections allows us to connect you with relevant opportunities and provide valuable insights into the job market.

Moreover, our outplacement programs extend beyond job search assistance. We offer comprehensive resources, including resume optimization, interview preparation, and networking strategies, to equip you with the tools necessary for long-term career success.

At Int-recruit, we believe in empowering individuals during career transitions. Our tailored outplacement solutions are designed to support your unique needs, ensuring a smooth and successful professional journey as you embrace new possibilities and achieve your career goals.


Building a thriving organizational culture is key to attracting and retaining top talent, but it requires ongoing commitment and investment. At Int-recruit, we partner with businesses to foster a culture of excellence that drives employee engagement and fuels organizational growth.

Our culture consultants take a holistic approach, working closely with leaders and teams to understand your current culture and identify areas for improvement. We conduct thorough assessments, gathering insights through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization's cultural dynamics.

Using these findings, we collaborate with you to develop a tailored action plan that aligns with your company's vision, values, and strategic objectives. From fostering effective communication and teamwork to implementing recognition and development programs, our experts provide actionable strategies to cultivate a positive and inclusive culture.

By investing in your organizational culture, you create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to contribute their best work. This, in turn, drives employee satisfaction, boosts productivity, and enhances your employer brand, setting you apart as an employer of choice.


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